Frequently Asked Questions

What does the product do?

TrackOurMeds™ tracks proximity and temperature of critical medications such as epinephrine auto-injectors and asthma inhalers. The system sends out automatic alerts to the smart phones assigned by the owner whenever the medication is outside the prescribed temperature or proximity range.

How does it work?

A medication storage case with a sensor sends proximity and temperature information to your smartphone. The case is registered to your account and the phones belonging to your family members are configured for it. After logging into your account, the phone communicates from  the case via bluetooth and sends it to the Internet. The proximity and temperature information are  displayed on the smartphones and automated alerts may be  sent any time that either the temperature or proximity parameters are violated.

Can the sensor be used in a different carrying case?

Yes, the sensor can be moved from the assigned case, but all reporting will be about the new case and this might be confusing.  To prevent confusion, we recommend our stand-alone sensor that may be used for any case, purse, or backpack you desire.

Can multiple parents or caregivers be viewed and alerted to a child’s medication status?

Yes, alert notifications can be configured to be sent to one or more phones for both proximity and temperature issues.

Will it alert me if the medication is left at home?

Yes, proximity alerts can be configured. For example, if you leave home and forget to take the medication, you’ll be notified within minutes after the phone is no longer in contact with the case.

Does it alert me to expiration dates?

Yes, the expiration date for your medication contained  in the case can be viewed on the phones and alerts can be configured for expiration date warnings.

Will it work for EpiPen®, AUVI-Q®  or other brands?

Yes, the carrying case will accommodate a variety of products. We are interested in hearing more from you about additional items  the case needs to accommodate.

Who makes it?

We are Lab Sensor Solutions, Inc., headquartered in Redwood City, CA, about 25 miles south of San Francisco. We provide similar services for tracking medical perishables to hospitals and clinical labs. We are not affiliated with the makers of epinephrine auto injectors or other emergency medication manufacturers.

Are you affiliated with any manufacturers of the medication?

No, we are not affiliated with the manufacturers of any medication or injection device.

What happens if I lose it?

Should you lose your case and sensor, please contact our Support staff and we’ll make arrangements with you to replace it.

Can you reduce the cost of auto-injectors?

Unfortunately, we have no affiliation with the manufacturers of epipen or other medications. We are a hi-tech company in Silicon Valley who wants to improve the lives of allergy sufferers by utilizing available technology.

How is the sensor powered?

Each sensor has a small battery inside which is warranted to last at least one year. When the battery dies, the sensor will be unusable. While there are no user-serviceable parts, any sensor that fails during your subscription or subscription renewal period will be replaced without charge, by Lab Sensor Solutions. Expired sensors should be returned to us for recycling.